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1. Cheques: Please draw a cheque favoring “Rajkot Management Association”
2. Online payment: You may also make online payments to the following account:
Bank a/c no: 310210100009303
IFSC code: BKID0003102


Q. What is RMA?

A. Rajkot Management Association is an autonomous, non-political, non-lobbying, non-profit, public (educational) institution, registered under Charity Commissioner. It was founded by group of likeminded people  and leading business personalities in 1989. Shri Padmakarbhai A. Masurekar was first President of RMA. RMA is one of the 68 Local Management Association, which is affiliated to All India Management Association (AIMA), the apex body for management in India, working closely with industry, Government, academia and students, to further the cause of the management profession in India.

 Q. What services RMA provides?

A. With the primary objective being promotion and development of education, training, research in scientific management and facilitating change- our services extends from knowledge dissemination, community formation to conduct training/knowledge programs, study tours to best-practices recognition and playing role in policy formations and sensitization working with industry, businesses, academia and students.

 Q. Is there membership format?

A. Yes, we have major 3 categories of membership, namely, Individual, Institution and Student membership.

 Q. Who operates RMA?

A. The organization structure has 3 components: an Executive Council, Secretariat and Interns. 15 Executive council members is governing body which comprises of leading industrialists, educationists, consultants, business professionals and respected individuals of Rajkot who contribute their time and energy in-kind with the passion of giving back to society. The Council nominates office bearers with the positions like- Chairman, President, Vice-President (Academia), Vice-President (business), Vice-President (community), Treasurer and Secretary (Honorary) to distribute the responsibility. Secretariat are employees for the administration and execution of programs. Interns are students who work with RMA to gain field exposure and refine their skills.

 Q. How can I contribute/donate to RMA?

A. Your contributions through your time, knowledge, skills and money will be well appreciated, kindly write to us at [email protected]

 Q. If my institution wish to conduct activities in Rajkot, how can RMA help?

A. If your activities fall in-line with our goals, RMA can help you connect to right people, promote, partner or fund based on the kind of activity.

 Q. How one can become part of Executive Committee?

A. Only RMA life members or Nominee of Institution permanent members are eligible to become Executive council member. A letter of Interest can be dropped at [email protected] with your brief description on how you wish to contribute to RMA. The nominations are reviewed prior to August.

 Q. How can I become RMA member? What is the procedure?

A. Kindly fill our membership form at following link: membership-form

 Q. What is the fees structure?

A. Fees and Subscriptions:

The Entrance fees and Annual membership subscription payable by a member in the various classes will be as follows till changed by the Executive Council. Effective from 01.04.2019

  • RMA Institutional Fees

Entrance Fees : Rs. 2,000/- (Once at the time of enrolment)

RMA Institutional Annual Fees (Less than Turn over 50 Cr or 500 Person) : Rs. 2,500/- Per Year

RMA Institutional Annual Fees (More than Turn Over 50Cr or 500 Person) : Rs. 4,000/- Per Year

RMA Institutional Permanent (Less than Turnover 50Cr or 500 Person) : Rs. 25,000/-

RMA Institutional Permanent (More than Turnover 50Cr or 500 Person) : Rs. 50,000/-

  • RMA Individual Membership Fees

RMA Individual Membership Fees Entrance : Rs. 500/- (Once at the time of enrolment)

RMA Individual Membership Fees Annual : Rs. 2,000/- Per Year

RMA Individual Membership Fees Life Time : Rs. 10,000/- (Till age of 60)

RMA Individual Membership Fees Life Time : Rs. 5,000/- (Above age of 60)

  • RMA Student Membership Fees

Renewal Yearly fees (Max 28 Years) : Rs. 1,000/-

If Enroll more than 2 Years : 10% Student Discount + Waiver of Entrance Fees.

 Q. What if I transfer/migrate from Rajkot to another city or state?

A. Transfer of Membership In order to maintain continuity of membership, activities, fees etc., a transfer or change of assignment in the case of individual members or change of Registered Office in the case of institutional members from one city to another, their membership may be transferred to the LMA in or near the city of their transfer/ change by mutual consent of both the LMAs and prescribed norms of that time.

 Q. Are there any Entrance Fees?

A.  Annual members (Institution and individual) are supposed to pay Entrance fees on the first year of enrolment. From the second year, only renewal fees is supposed to be paid.

B. Any members who has resigned or dropped because of non paying dues or any other reason, has to re-enrol and pay the Entrance Fees.

 Q. What is the annual membership renewal process?

A. For Annual Members from 1st April of any year starts new year and Annual Members has to pay renewal fees under their prescribed category.

 Q. If I were a member in past, how can I re-admit/re-new my membership?

A. As per the amendments in the Memorandum of Association and rules of the association passed by Executive Council meeting and also passed in Extra Ordinary Annual General Meeting Executive Council has decided following.

 If you were a life-member and as on 01.04.2020 your age is above 60 years of age, your renewal will be done with no fees and updated data of yours. (For administrative purpose we are updating the fresh data In this category we would request you to fill newly updated form as prescribed.

If you were a life-member or permanent institution member and currently below 60 years of age, your renewal will be done with paying some minimum fees RMA has decide to take token charge of Rs. 5000, Now in this the fees already paid earlier will be considered and only balance fees shall need to pay as token gesture. (INR 5000 –  fees you already paid). (For administrative purpose we are updating the fresh data In this category we would request you to fill newly updated form as prescribed.

If you were annual member in past,  and by chance if your membership is not renewed we would request to renew your membership for past years. Currently we will not charge late fee penalty nor any Entrance Fees. Also all your renewals will be charged as per current fee structure of concerned backlog years.

If you are annual members and if you wish to change to Life Member (Individual) or Permanent Member (Institutions), you need to pay new Fresh Fees in fresh category.

For Annual members whose Fees are pending since long and they wish to convert their membership from Individual to Life Member will have to pay their old balance fees and also fresh fees.

 Q. How can I know my membership ID/number?

A. Kindly enquire us on [email protected] with your full name and we will get back to you.

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